Retrovirus pandemic reporting often lacking details

 Retrovirus pandemics reportings-  often  lacking details.

 The  5 last  major  pandemics-swine or Spanish flu, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Sars and currently the Corona, are all caused by retroviruses. Yet the reports from our politicians, news reporters, even the medical profession often  fail to include  the term or how these retroviruses produce their pandemics.  

From a Wikipedia  search we read that  retroviruses are  RNA viruses that have the ability to insert a copy of their own  RNA genome into the DNA genome of a host cell that they invade . To do this amazing genetic inversion process, retroviruses  use their own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce a DNA copy of their own RNA genome . This new retroviral DNA- called a provirus–  is then incorporated into the host cell DNA genome with an integrate enzyme. The host cell then treats the viral DNA as part  of its own genome ! -first transcribing it into RNA and then  translating the viral genes along with the cells own genes-to a peptide: following  the Francis Crick model which every student learned in their high school biology class.:namely: DNA-to RNA-to one peptide.

Epidemiologists should be reminding the public that  before a RNA virus can do this conversion it must  first gain entrance into the human cell cytoplasm- with  the target host cell being theT4 thymus (helper ) cell. A similar process of integration occurs in bacteria except that here the -provirus  is called a bacteriophage.Look up: Wikipedia- retroviruses.

Molecular  biologists quickly realized that retroviruses could be useful tools in adding new genes to the human DNA genome althoughthey do run the risk of potentially creating new retrovirus pathogens.  Dr. Leonard Horowitz In his textbook Emerging Viruses  AIDS & Ebola. Nature, Accident or Intentional ?, details some of these  possibilities and possible dangers. 

Since this process is permanent it might also be wise  for reporters to stress not to use blood  and other body fluids from such individuals for transfusions and other exchanges.

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