Life extension and anti-aging

The Life Extension Foundation ( was organized in Hollywood, Florida in the 1980’s by Saul Kent and William Faloon – its original founders. In my view, the foundation owes its success to Saul Kent’s publication in March 1983 of The Life Extension Revolution.

I was fortunate to have purchased this excellent book directly from the foundation – long before the Internet and Amazon. We had just purchased our winter home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in February 1982. One afternoon on our second winter visit, I decided to drop by the Life Extension Foundation – then a 5-story warehouse building in downtown Hollywood, Florida just north of Ft. Lauderdale. I immediately became a member of the foundation and have retained my membership to this day, even though we discontinued our winter vacations to the sunshine state in 2007 after 32 years.

These days, I especially enjoy reading the weekly newsletters from the foundation and the monthly Life Extension Magazine. I also continue to buy several of their textbooks, the latest being Disease Prevention and Treatment – currently in its 5th edition.

As outlined on my docSamSBH homepage, my goal with this website is to help you to “add years to your life and life to your years.”

I will also continue to search, review and evaluate published research, ideas and publications in the field of anti-aging that I feel are scientifically sound.

You may also wish to join the Life Extension Foundation to receive “news you can use” to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Author: Semeon Hrushovetz

Retired Physician, Researcher, Lifelong Learner. Promoting healthy aging and life extension. Visit or check my previous sites: blog: website:

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