VHS tapes for my Memoirs

It has now been over a year since I stopped digitalizing my VHS tapes. Most of these videotapes took over 2 hours to digitalize with each taking over 7-10GB of memory space.. For this reason I made backups onto several external hard drives as well as on my time machine backups (Passport ).I also backed up my photos (all 50,000 of them ) They occupied over 130GB of storage
A few days ago- after I had completed a routine time machine back up on my iMac- I entered my time machine selecting the July 14/2014 date. Under the finder I went to movies/easy VHS to DVD capture. where I found all the digitalized VHSs. I began viewing the series( estimating about 20 ) I had taken. Some were from my program with Shaw cable entitled Health and Longevity. as well as one of the 3 videos I had recorded of the mini or “hybrid ” symposium on Orthopaedic Medicine which I had organized at the WCB (workers Compensation Board) and which was presented by Don Fraser and John Evans from St. Catherine (Ontario)- I think the year was 1986 ?.
I was impressed not only with the contents of these DVD’s but also with the quality of the video- of those taken by myself and using my own video equipment. I realize now that I don’t think I gave Dr.Don Fraser a copy of his 3 day seminar delivered at the WCB. Maybe in the future when hopefully someone decides to record my memoirs that-in order to avoid copyright issues-that they acknowledge him and his therapist John Evans as well as Dr. Bill Guy- medical director at the WCB.- much like the acknowledgement I recently received from the editors of Medical Post when I was planning to use the full page article by Gene Telpner in the December 1966 issue of this medical publication. (I received an email giving me permission to use this pager for publication if I insert the statement that it was a publication by the author and it appeared in the Medical Post journal.
I must get back to continue converting my VHA as well as the Sony videotapes to DVD- my estimate is that they together total over 200 videotapes With having recently celebrating my 88th birthday.- who knows how many more years I have left to gather information for my memoirs-