Crisis in Canadian health care

In Canada most people have to wait a year or even longer to have hip or knee surgery. The waiting time for this procedure seems to have reached epidemic proportions.

This reminds me of the polio pandemic of the 1940-50’s. The voluntary organization which was raising funds for this pandemic had 2 choices. A quote from the book Maximum Life Span by Dr. Roy Walford illustrates the path they chose:

“… It could have invested their resources into perfecting better iron lungs… Instead of iron lungs, the Foundation invested heavily in basic research on the conquest of polio. It was certainly the wiser decision.”

Maybe our governments should follow a similar approach to address surgery wait times? They may also wish to consider the same strategy for cataract surgery, which now has a waiting list of a year or longer.

Politics priority-pipeline assistance vs Churchill railroad

If recent negotiation with the BC government fails before end of May 2018,  our federal  government is willing to  help financially  the cost of  this interprovincial pipeline from Alberta to the Vancouver port, but not for the repair on the washout railway line to Churchhill- a problem  unresolved for over 2 years and which has resulted in the cost of living for residents of Churchill.  Where are our government  priorities?