Crisis in Canadian health care

In Canada most people have to wait a year or even  longer to have hip or knee surgery. The waiting time for this  procedure seems to have reached epidemic proportions.This reminds me of the polio pandemic of the 1940-50’s . The voluntary organization which was raising funds for this pandemic had 2 choices- “…It could have invested their resources into perfecting better iron lungs… Instead of iron lungs , the Foundation invested heavily in basic research on the conquest of polio. It was certainly the wiser decision” -a quote from Roy Walford textbook entitled  Maximum Life Span page 7.. Maybe our governments should follow this pattern for this disease. They may also wish to consider this same strategy for cataracts which  now has long waiting list  for a year or longer.

Author: Semeon Hrushovetz

Retired Physician, Researcher, Lifelong Learner. Promoting healthy aging and life extension. Visit: -and-

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