Possible Cervical spinal stenosis

I have a habit of sitting up in bed in the evening watching TV with a pillow propping up my neck before I decide to go to bed. At times I feel that my neck is often forwardly  flexed. Before I decide to “call it a day ” I place my pillow in its natural position and then lie supine on my back as I find lying on either  lateral position on either hip position is somewhat discomforting. I sometimes find when I get up during the night for going to the washroom I  get a numbness in both my forearms- feeling of “pins and needles” and wonder whether this is the result of sudden release of the nerve roots. Or maybe I also have symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis.  As a footnote: x-rays of my spine at all levels show considerable wedging of the vertebrae-especially in the thoracic region  

Author: Semeon Hrushovetz

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