Mitochondial vs Chromosomal DNA

Comparative DNA analysis is a very popular procedure in including and/or excluding individuals from a crime scene. However  since every person’s mitochondrial DNA is  of maternal origin, it is also easy with mitochondrial DNA  to prove that all her children- both the males and females   are hers.-  thats because the mitochondria are only found in cytoplasm and  the sperm which fertilizes an oocyte (egg cell)  does not have  any cytoplasm.  At least that  the theory.  It would be easy to prove this with cellular autoradiography using  tritiated thymidine providing such experiments met the code of ethics, probably not, then maybe our cousins – the chimpanzes wouldn’t, mind.

Hiring of advisors for professional sports.

For years I have be3en fascinated by the pharmacological properties of hydergine and have used it when I was in practice for mild forms of Alzheimer’s. Indeed several of my blogs as well as my posts have suggested that many of the functions of this drug suggest it may be useful in protecting against possible concussions following head injuries of athletes in contact  sports like hockey, football and soccer. I advise the readers to review these publications in my blog website. Additional coaches are sometimes recruited even of the opposite sex- in an effort to win games. They should also be recruting personnel to possibly prevent and/or reduce the incidence of such encephalopathy .  In the case of cardiac arrests, or drowning we immediately perform CPR  but in the case of head injuries we waste valuable time asking the victim if he knows were he is or what day it is, or the name of the prime minister  of Canada or the president of United States.. I have suggested in my earlier bogs that we should be evaluating  such athletes with head injuries either  parental forms of hydergine  or even prophylactally.

Possible Cervical spinal stenosis

I have a habit of sitting up in bed in the evening watching TV with a pillow propping up my neck before I decide to go to bed. At times I feel that my neck is often forwardly  flexed. Before I decide to “call it a day ” I place my pillow in its natural position and then lie supine on my back as I find lying on either  lateral position on either hip position is somewhat discomforting. I sometimes find when I get up during the night for going to the washroom I  get a numbness in both my forearms- feeling of “pins and needles” and wonder whether this is the result of sudden release of the nerve roots. Or maybe I also have symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis.  As a footnote: x-rays of my spine at all levels show considerable wedging of the vertebrae-especially in the thoracic region  

Possible lumbar spinal stenosis

My complaints of pain in left hip with numbness in buttocks and anterior aspect of left thigh with symptoms worsen standing and relieved by sitting, suggest a possible diagnosis of possible lumbar spinal stenosis at the level of L3 . Since the innervationof the left hip comes from the L3 nerve root. It is also possible that the pain is referred pain from the L3 nerve root – not unlike pain in the right shoulder from referred paid coming from C3 nerve root – the same nerve which innervated the diaphragm. For this scenario one needs inflammation of the diaphragm from an infected gall bladder; Damage of cardiac muscle T1-2 causing numbnessalonf medial aspect of forearm; careful history of appendicitis will reveal the numbness began in the paraumbilical region (innervation of appendix). The subsequent tenderness and especially rebound tenderness  in the RLQ of the abdomen id due to local inflammation of abdominal muscles in that area of the abdomen. I greatly appreciate having taking several week long courses in Orthopaedic medicine by Stephanie Suders – private physiotherapist of the famous Sir James Cyriax.While working as a Medical advisor for the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba in the 1980’s I was appalled at the quality of the medical reports we received from the attending physician of the claimant so much so that the board on my advise sponsored a 3 day weekend workshop outlining the fundamentals of Orthopaedic Medicine- viz the examination and non surgical treatment of musculoskeletal problems.  Dr. Don Fraser and his therapist presented this course.

Crisis in Canadian health care

In Canada most people have to wait a year or even  longer to have hip or knee surgery. The waiting time for this  procedure seems to have reached epidemic proportions.This reminds me of the polio pandemic of the 1940-50’s . The voluntary organization which was raising funds for this pandemic had 2 choices- “…It could have invested their resources into perfecting better iron lungs… Instead of iron lungs , the Foundation invested heavily in basic research on the conquest of polio. It was certainly the wiser decision” -a quote from Roy Walford textbook entitled  Maximum Life Span page 7.. Maybe our governments should follow this pattern for this disease. They may also wish to consider this same strategy for cataracts which  now has long waiting list  for a year or longer.

Politics priority-pipeline assistance vs Churchill railroad

If recent negotiation with the BC government fails before end of May 2018,  our federal  government is willing to  help financially  the cost of  this interprovincial pipeline from Alberta to the Vancouver port, but not for the repair on the washout railway line to Churchhill- a problem  unresolved for over 2 years and which has resulted in the cost of living for residents of Churchill.  Where are our government  priorities?

Hayflick limit, telomere length and stem cell therapy

Stem cells therapy is becoming a common form of therapy in medicine especially for strokes, heart attacks degenerative diseases like arthritis and disc degeneration. In some cases the cells undergo many cell divisions as they become miniature organ structures  like beating hearts etc.  It is now generally accepted that as normal cells divide their telomeres become shorter and when reach a certain shortening length  the cells eventually stop division. This phenomenon of telomere shortening is believed to be the cause of Hayflick limit of  cell divisions.

I wonder is some of the failures in using stem cell therapy may be due to telomere shortening.

Importance of knowledge of tumor biology

Using the words “tumor biology” I did a Google search  on one of my  other websites namely   <docSamBlog>  and found 3 posts. I refer the reader to the one which discusses the importance of formal courses in tumor biology  and nutrition for medical students as well as for practicing doctors- especially oncologists.  We all know that pathogenic bacteria can develop resistance to specific antibiotics . I wonder whether  the poor response in some patients with cancers  to  specific antitumor drugs , and/or the development of remissions are related to the ability of cancer cells to undergo  heteroploid transformation and specific selection of a karyotype. I recall from my research as a cell biologist with the Dept of Cancer Research at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon (1961-1965 period) where I demonstrated that if a single cancer cell  from a cell line was isolated and then allowed to undergo numerous cell divisions in cell culture -I used the tumor cell line called HeLa- that chromosome analysis of many cells from this population showed cells with varying number of chromosomes-ranging from the low 50s to 70’s with a stem cell line in the early 60’s(Hrushovetz, S.B. Importance of heteroploid transformation in the etiology of neoplasia. Proceedings of the 17th Western Regional Group MRC/NCI. 1963).This phenomenon is called heteroploid transformation.For my Master’s degree in Biochemistry from the U. of Alberta  (see publication Phytopathology 47:261-264.1957 )I had earlier shown that the addition of specific amino acids to the culture medium on which the cereal plant pathogen called Helminthosporium sativum was  sub cultivated could alter the virulence of this pathogen in producing root rot disease . Alternatively these experiments could be interpreted  as  demonstrating that for a pathogen to retain its virulence it required the presence in their environment of specific nutrients

Time to study the possible role of hydergine in concussions.

Neurologists, other medical professionals especially sport doctors and therapists, and sports announcers among others, regularily gather for seminars and/or conventions to discuss concussions. Recently (on 06th Dec 2016) on a national evening TV program I viewed a seminar chaired by our Governor General a victim himself of concussions with 2 speakers Ken Dryden and Eric Lindros,- also victims of concussions. Although this presentation seem to provide valuable information on the incidence and long term effect of concussions they seemed to do little for finding a cause and/or a cure judging from the finding that both the incidence and costs for concussions continue to rise. The management of concussions still remain basically symptomatic with the affected individuals often making the final decision themselves as to when they are considered fit to return to their professional sport.
In an earlier post I outlined there are 4 levels of scientific proof categories for doing medical research. These are testimonial, argumentative, correlational and scientific -the latter being the accepted gold standard or double blind random study. In my opinion meetings and/or programs outlined above seem to only provide testimonial evidence. What is needed is more scientific based research- the 4th category or the gold standard. In 1998 The Life Extension Foundation published a pocket book entitled “The Physician’s Guide to Life Extension Drugs”. In this 268 pocket book, 14 pages were devoted to hydergine- In this section the authors mention that in many European countries (at least in the 1980 period) hydergine was used for emergencies with claims of reviving accident victims who were thought dead from heart attacks, drowning, and drug overdose! Many Hospitals in Europe routinely give hydergine to many patients before operations( Pearson and Shaw entitled Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach).Other effects of hydergine include increasing blood supply and amount of oxygen delivered to the brain resulting in enhancing metabolism of brain cells. Three other major effects of hydergine on the brain include protecting the brain from periods of insufficient oxygen supply (The Cat experiment), the prevention of free radical damage, and also the ability to increase memory, intelligence, learning and recall- the latter being the rationale for its use for treating senile dementia which is why hydergine is often labeled the smart drug. Incidentally hydergine was once the 5th most prescribed drug in Europe. What I have just described are the rationale for treatment of concussions with hydergine based on these argumentative and/or correlational observations and/or associations. We all know that in medicine before a drug can be prescribed as a treatment it must pass the gold standard test ,i.e. the 4th category of scientific proof- the highest level.. But here is the dilemma. Since we cannot predict who is likely to suffer a concussion following a head injury, and furthermore since the symptoms themselves are slow to appear whereas the damage to the brain may actually occur within minutes after the injury like in strokes and/or heart attacks, would it not be prudent to give the athlete prophylactically a drug like hydergine before they go on the playing field or an intravenous injection immediately following their head injury? Some time ago I posted such a post in my blog (docsamBlog). I have also sent emails to several professional hockey and football clubs suggesting that since they cannot predict who is likely to sustain a head injury and concussions, why not give them hydergine just like the surgeons in Europe were doing,i.e.before the scheduled games begin? I have also discussed this potential protocol with many of my medical colleagues. It seems this medical idea and others like the many paradigm shifts suggested for medical practice that I have presented at several meetings, reversing the aging process and many other ideas , have fallen on deaf ears.
Just a footnote for the reader to consider: Remember that Dr.Jenner and others who developed a vaccine for smallpox introduced this ” vaccination ” form of protection before they knew that smallpox was caused by a virus, Dr. Lind prescribed limes for those “adventurous & pirate sailors ” on their long sea journeys before we knew the role of vitamins (vitamin C) in nutrition- treatment of scurvy.
Posted 7th December 2016 by Dr. Semeon B. Hrushovetz
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