Can slowing the aging process reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s

See my earlier blogs re the incidence of Alzheimer’s in Canada and possible research on dementia in nursing homes Briefly here are the relevant statistics: by age 65 8% of the population have somer degree of dementia, this increases to 35 % for those over age 85.
My question : If we can slow the aging process so that those at the chronological age of 85 have biological markers of a person age 65, would the incidence of Alzheimer’s also be slowed or dropped to 8% from 35% ?
It seems to me that it would not be difficult to design such an experiment especially since at present we do not have a specific medical treatment for dementia. Gerontologists should see some positive results within a decade.
Just think if one could slow the aging process significantly the elderly would die of the other chronic diseases which are the major contributors to death, diseases like heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes. It should certainly reduce the numberer of Alzheimer’s residents in our nursing homes if positive results are obtained.