Mitochondial vs Chromosomal DNA

Comparative DNA analysis is a very popular procedure in including and/or excluding individuals from a crime scene. However  since every person’s mitochondrial DNA is  of maternal origin, it is also easy with mitochondrial DNA  to prove that all her children- both the males and females   are hers.-  thats because the mitochondria are only found in cytoplasm and  the sperm which fertilizes an oocyte (egg cell)  does not have  any cytoplasm.  At least that  the theory.  It would be easy to prove this with cellular autoradiography using  tritiated thymidine providing such experiments met the code of ethics, probably not, then maybe our cousins – the chimpanzes wouldn’t, mind.

Hiring of advisors for professional sports.

For years I have be3en fascinated by the pharmacological properties of hydergine and have used it when I was in practice for mild forms of Alzheimer’s. Indeed several of my blogs as well as my posts have suggested that many of the functions of this drug suggest it may be useful in protecting against possible concussions following head injuries of athletes in contact  sports like hockey, football and soccer. I advise the readers to review these publications in my blog website. Additional coaches are sometimes recruited even of the opposite sex- in an effort to win games. They should also be recruting personnel to possibly prevent and/or reduce the incidence of such encephalopathy .  In the case of cardiac arrests, or drowning we immediately perform CPR  but in the case of head injuries we waste valuable time asking the victim if he knows were he is or what day it is, or the name of the prime minister  of Canada or the president of United States.. I have suggested in my earlier bogs that we should be evaluating  such athletes with head injuries either  parental forms of hydergine  or even prophylactally.

Possible Cervical spinal stenosis

I have a habit of sitting up in bed in the evening watching TV with a pillow propping up my neck before I decide to go to bed. At times I feel that my neck is often forwardly  flexed. Before I decide to “call it a day ” I place my pillow in its natural position and then lie supine on my back as I find lying on either  lateral position on either hip position is somewhat discomforting. I sometimes find when I get up during the night for going to the washroom I  get a numbness in both my forearms- feeling of “pins and needles” and wonder whether this is the result of sudden release of the nerve roots. Or maybe I also have symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis.  As a footnote: x-rays of my spine at all levels show considerable wedging of the vertebrae-especially in the thoracic region  

Possible lumbar spinal stenosis

My complaints of pain in left hip with numbness in buttocks and anterior aspect of left thigh with symptoms worsen standing and relieved by sitting, suggest a possible diagnosis of possible lumbar spinal stenosis at the level of L3 . Since the innervationof the left hip comes from the L3 nerve root. It is also possible that the pain is referred pain from the L3 nerve root – not unlike pain in the right shoulder from referred paid coming from C3 nerve root – the same nerve which innervated the diaphragm. For this scenario one needs inflammation of the diaphragm from an infected gall bladder; Damage of cardiac muscle T1-2 causing numbnessalonf medial aspect of forearm; careful history of appendicitis will reveal the numbness began in the paraumbilical region (innervation of appendix). The subsequent tenderness and especially rebound tenderness  in the RLQ of the abdomen id due to local inflammation of abdominal muscles in that area of the abdomen. I greatly appreciate having taking several week long courses in Orthopaedic medicine by Stephanie Suders – private physiotherapist of the famous Sir James Cyriax.While working as a Medical advisor for the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba in the 1980’s I was appalled at the quality of the medical reports we received from the attending physician of the claimant so much so that the board on my advise sponsored a 3 day weekend workshop outlining the fundamentals of Orthopaedic Medicine- viz the examination and non surgical treatment of musculoskeletal problems.  Dr. Don Fraser and his therapist presented this course.