Gerontology basics:Aging process is basically a disease.

Will try to insert a table outlining 7 ways to slow the aging process.  Gerontologists search for biomarkers of aging by comparing clinical and laboratory values for different ages of the biological life cycle. For example find that the level of the most common hormone in the body , viz DHEA drops from a value of over 3000 nannograms /ml in the 30-40 age group to less tan 1000 ngms in the elderly.

Gerntologists rationalize  that by restoring this hormone  value to that found in the younger age group should also restore the Physical/physiological and other properties to those present in the younger age group especially  including  the other hormones of the steroid cascade  (testosterone,  estrogens, etc. ) to those in our youth so that  the individual now feels  like they they did when they were in that 20-30 year period!

This table shows other areas were this reversal of aging could occur. 

Note since I have problems in dropping this table in this post I will save the post as a draft and not publish it.