Hiring of advisors for professional sports.

For years I have be3en fascinated by the pharmacological properties of hydergine and have used it when I was in practice for mild forms of Alzheimer’s. Indeed several of my blogs as well as my posts have suggested that many of the functions of this drug suggest it may be useful in protecting against possible concussions following head injuries of athletes in contact  sports like hockey, football and soccer. I advise the readers to review these publications in my blog website. Additional coaches are sometimes recruited even of the opposite sex- in an effort to win games. They should also be recruting personnel to possibly prevent and/or reduce the incidence of such encephalopathy .  In the case of cardiac arrests, or drowning we immediately perform CPR  but in the case of head injuries we waste valuable time asking the victim if he knows were he is or what day it is, or the name of the prime minister  of Canada or the president of United States.. I have suggested in my earlier bogs that we should be evaluating  such athletes with head injuries either  parental forms of hydergine  or even prophylactally.

Author: Semeon Hrushovetz

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