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Our specialists being interviewed  re  Covid-19 pandemic are not mentioning what has been done with HIV /AIDS. I have previously mentioned that HIV is  one of the RNA  retroviruses– like the others in this group after becoming part go the host DNA genome of having the unique property of instructing the host DNA genome to specifically make copies of its RNA virus. I then detail in my previous reports how this virus specifically invades the CT4 thymic (helper )lymphocytes. I also explained how this repeated growth of the virus eventually  results in preventing the lymphocytes from producing sufficient antibodies and then finally the engorged lymphocytes die releasing  copies of the virus which can now invade other CT4 cells repeating this process When the number of CT4 lymphocytes drops to 300 or less.-the normal level is  1500/cm

patients begin showing signs of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome  < > For the HIV RNA retrovirus for which the virologist still have not developed a vaccine were able to do was  develop a medical treatment called ART which basically acts  as an enzyme inhibitor preventing  the DNA of the host from making copies of its viral RNA. 

I would highly recommend that the virologists do a CT4 lymphocyte count on all   Covid-19 patients who are on respirators ,those who have died, as well those with varied symptoms suggestive of acquired immune deficiency syndrome to see if some of them are developing AIDS.

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