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Retrovirus pandemics reportings- .

 During the last century there have been  5  major  pandemics- the swine or Spanish flu, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Sars and currently  Corona, all  caused by RNA retroviruses.. 

From a Wikipedia  search we read that these RNA retroviruses  have the ability to insert a copy of their own  RNA genome into the DNA genome of  the  host (human cells ) that they invade . To do this amazing genetic inversion process, retroviruses  use their own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce a DNA copy of their own RNA genome . This new retroviral DNA– called a provirus–  is then incorporated into the host cell DNA genome with an integrate enzyme. The host cell now can treat the viral DNA as part  of its own genome ! -first transcribing it into RNA  then  translating the viral genes along with the host cells own genes-into a peptide: by following  the classical Francis Crick model which every student learned in their high school biology class.:namely: DNA-to RNA-to amino acid peptide.viz transcription/translation/ to a protein peptide chain. You can do this google research yourself just by opening the  Safari app and typing  in the  search field-the word  “retroviruses.”

Molecular  biologists quickly realized that this property of retroviruses could be useful tools in adding new genes to the human DNA genome – Obviouslythey run the risk of potentially creating new retrovirus pathogens like the 5 pandemics I mentioned.  Indeed Dr. Leonard Horowitz in his textbook Emerging Viruses  AIDS & Ebola. Nature, Accident or Intentional ?, details how some of these  possible dangers may occur. 

Since before a retro RNA-virus can do this conversion and produce the pandemic. it must  first gain entrance into the human cell cytoplasm- For them  these target host cells are the special lymphocytes called T4 thymus (helper ) cells. Maybe the virologists who are working to develop vaccines  should shift to find ways to prevent such viruses and other microbes from penetrating cell membranes rather than working on developing special vaccines. 

For over 15 years (Between 1974-1992) while in medical practice I set up a private tissue culture laboratory where I studied the cellular behaviour of human lymphocytes growing in blood culture  using  the Sage time  lapse cinephotomicrographic apparatus.I was able to record several types of cellular behavior, which I felt might help explain the findings by the late Dr. Frank Plummer of  where he found a group of female sex workers were immune to the HIV virus. Would this find that this RNA retrovirus not be able to enter the human lymphocytes from this  special female group. My studies of the behaviour of human lymphocytes in blood tissue culture with time lapse movie might demonstrate this behaviour. Unfortunately I never did get around to do this study even though I made several attempts to contact and do a joint study with Dr,F. Plummer using the group of sexual prostitutes whom he found were immune to AIDS,

Dr. Semeon B. Hrushovetz, B.Sc.M.S.,Ph.D, M.D.CCFP

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