Updates for the Covid-19 when there is no vaccine

There are 2 obvious strategies available for Covid-19 to prevent pandemics when we don’t have a vaccine

  1. Prevent the virus from entering the cell- for this virus its the CT4 lymphocyte cells of the host.
  2. ART medical treatment as used for HIV – to prevent AIDS.You prevent the virus from using its own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce copies of its active RNA retrovirus virus For details see link <.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retrovirus >

Note: I have already briefly mention these 2 procedures in my introductory remarks- prior blog.

Prevent cell penetration

  • protein coat of virus
  • use of time lapse cine photomicrography Like the Sage time lapse unit which I have used

ART medical treatment still the only treatment available since we still don’t have a vaccine for HIV- The treatment reduces the level of the virus in the patient so  they no longer have AIDS- Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome  and/or   cannot transmit infection to partners.

Author: Semeon Hrushovetz

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