Are the contents of our dreams of prognostic value

For the past few years most of my dreams seem to follow the same theme or pattern. I find myself in rather unique predicaments. I may find myself at some convention or meeting other meeting place where I find myself in a predicament that I have to make a sudden decision- like give a talk at a convention, meet someone, or have to catch a train, or make a financial decision, I feel there always seems to be some urgency as there is usually some authority checking theme that I have left to make this decision. Although I usually am not in any panic mode most of these dreams come to an abrupt end as I usually awaken from them.

I try to analyze these dreams and often go back to my academic experience with the Winnipeg Clinic. For the viewers this was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. To review briefly after just 4 years of research with the Dept of Cancer Research at the university of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon I accepted a position with the Winnipeg Cliic to set up a private research Lab at their clinic and I would be the medical doctor. As the saying goes “I was given an offer I could not refuse.

Author: Semeon Hrushovetz

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