Can fingerprint from deceased person be used to unlock their iPhone ?

There are 3 basic ways to open your iPhone: 1)typing in the 4 number password code, 2)using your finger print. 3) using Siri- I haven’t tried Siri but theoretically it should work since you can ask Siri to do many things-all you need is the recording of your voice on file and/or in your “will”. Scenarios where being able to unlock cell phones include where a person dies suddenly and did not leave password and other data in their will or in cases of terrorism where the victims involved are killed by the police, and companies like the recent experience with apple where they refused to unlock the phone of such victims for the police. The idea occurred to me that maybe their fingerprints could be used to open their iPhone devices if they had installed this method to unlock their cell phones . One would easily test this hypothesis by going to a funeral and/or post mortem room and place the thumb of the deceased on the home button of their iPhone – or whichever finger they used for opening their iPhone when they were alive. .If it is not successful, I wonder whether fingerprints found in police files could replace the fingerprint method for opening iPhones or similar devices. Maybe the finger print is altered shorty after death by rigour mortis changes. A note of caution to the police : when killing the suspected terrorists they should try and save the upper extremities especially the fingers and/or thumbs before they blow them up!

Author: Semeon Hrushovetz

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