Blood culture model for Alzheimer’s

If one goes to the Longevity newsletter and the link :, they can reviewed one of the research articles on Alzheimer’s entitled “Cord blood cells clear Alzheimer’s plaques”.Details of their research procedure, reminded me of the research I did at the Kildonan Institute of Gerontology- a private research lab in Winnipeg which I set up and directed. For 15 years our research involved the study of the behaviour of lymphocytes in blood culture using the hanging drop procedure and recording the cellular behaviour with the Sage Time Lapse cinephotomicrographic apparatus.We recorded over 8000 feet of 16 mm coloured movie film. If the reader goes to my website < > they can view a short video clip of the equipment and and the cellular behaviour. Seems to me that my research might enable to use blood from patients suffering from Alzheimers rather than the mouse experiments used by the researchers.

Author: Semeon Hrushovetz

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